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XForms are commonly used as a software tool that enables the development of new standards. They may be used to create small submissions (e.g. for investigators to submit their investigational documents.)

Check out the new XForm solutions for message standards offered exclusively by GlobalSubmit!

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Attend GlobalSubmit's 2008 Executive Webinar Series on Mastering the eCTD

U.S. FDA Collaborates with GlobalSubmit on Web-Based XPortal



GlobalSubmit offers comprehensive products and services in support of the eCTD.  We are THE eCTD Company.  The focus and mission of our company is to help promote the adoption and delivery of global eCTD's.


Submit With Confidence in 2008!

Our software applications are used by leading global life sciences companies and the U.S. FDA.  In addition to our flagship products, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of professional services designed to accelerate eCTD adoption and ensure sustained compliance with global regulations.

GlobalSubmit REVIEW™

THE GLOBAL STANDARD FOR eCTD REVIEW.     GlobalSubmit Review is the industry standard viewing system for submissions based on the eCTD format.  This collaborative review environment allows users to conduct progressive review of the eCTD dossier throughout the full lifecycle of the submission.  Deliver your next submission with confidence.


GlobalSubmit VALIDATE™

QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR YOUR NEXT SUBMISSION      How can you be sure that your submission is accurate and complete?  Before your next submission, use GlobalSubmit VALIDATE to check the structural integrity and soundness of your eCTD. This unique application conducts the most comprehensive validation of the eCTD.  Submit with Confidence.



eCTD READINESS & OUTSOURCING SERVICES   2008 is a pivotal year for eCTD adoption.  Get experience and guidance from the experts at GlobalSubmit.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure eCTD readiness and compliance with global regulations.  Whether your organization is expert or novice, you can benefit from our practical experience.


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